Solutions for all types of water

Since its inception, company Nanoten d.o.o. has been engaged in highly innovative treatment solutions for all types of water.

Our company provides comprehensive support and consulting on the selection of systems and devices for treatment of all types of water. We design our systems and assemble them to accommodate as much as we can to all the needs and requests of our customers. We also offer support and service maintenance. We respond quickly to customers’ requirements and provide them with the most appropriate solution in the shortest time possible and at competitive prices. We are official distributors for company ESCO, now renamed K+S, for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We offer a wide range of salts: rock salt, salt in tablets for water softening, industrial salt, pharmaceutical salt, table salt and de-icing salt. In addition to this, we are distributors for the renowned company NCR Biochemical S.p.A that produces special chemicals and additives for treatment of all kinds of water, for production processes in paper and sugar industry, in refinery, production and treatment of steel, electricity production, and treatment of wastewater. We also offer a wide range of equipment and devices for physical and chemical water preparation for industrial and personal use.


We respond promptly to all inquiries.


We provide a solution that is specifically designed to meet your needs.


We cater to your needs and deliver the right solution in the shortest time possible.


Our pricing strategy is highly competitive in the market, without compensating on the quality and the timeline of project delivery.

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